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Rewild your Flow! Workshop

An energetic and creative Vinyasa Flow exploration that focuses on functional fitness.
We will play with “rewilding” movements inspired by nature and ancient human cultures. In so doing, we remember natural ways to move before restrictive shoes, clothing and modern society taught us otherwise!
Expect to laugh and feel a little freer in your own skin.

Mindful Flow Workshop

A Vinyasa Flow workshop with a twist: we explore the psychological archetypes of postures and how they appear in our lives beyond yoga mats.
Inspired by Embodied Yoga Principles.

  • Brighton Yoga Festival
  • Sunday 15th July, 4.45 - 5.30 pm
  • FREE but registration via BYF's website is recommended

"Do a Vinyasa"

What does it mean when a teacher says "Do a Vinyasa"? In this workshop, we will touch upon the origins of Vinyasa Flow. Our focus will be breathing in harmony with changing the shape of our bodies. We will deconstruct how to safely practice bhujangasana (cobra pose) within a flow sequence, then progress on to Chaturanga Dandasana (four-limbed staff pose). Great for beginners or those wishing to touch base.

  • The Yurt, Spitalfields City Farm
  • Saturday 12th May, 9.30 am
  • Fully Booked

Introduction to Embodied Yoga Principles

In the midst of one of London's largest fitness festivals, are you prepared to stop and observe your Self? EYP is a non-athletic approach to yoga asana that encourages us to recognise our emotional and psychological behaviour patterns... in our lives OFF the mat. Yoga becomes a pragmatic tool for finding resilience and happiness in everyday situations.

  • Old Truman's Brewery, Shoreditch
  • Friday 4th May, 2.45pm
  • Sign up via Be:Fit's website

Vinyasa Flow: The Mysterious Space Between Poses

This workshop will focus on transitioning between postures. The mindfulness and creativity we apply to our transitions in yoga can inspire greater self awareness in life. The state of YOGA never stops when we aren't forever waiting for the next big thing to happen, but being in the moment.

  • Spitalfields City Farm
  • Saturday 21st April, 9.30 am
  • Fully Booked

The Psychology of Partner Yoga

An Embodied Yoga Principles Workshop with Mark Walsh and Anouska Anderson that will delve deep into our relationships with ourselves and, by extension, with others, through studying our own embodiment in a safe and supported environment.

  • The Place, King's Cross
  • Sunday 10th September, 10 am - 2 pm
  • Fully Booked

Partner Yoga: Three Workshops

Mother and daughter team, Lucy and Kate Sabin offer a series of three Partner Yoga workshops over the course of Sun and Moon Festival. Learnings are inspired by their shared practice of many years, and Kate's training in Unity Partner Yoga.

  • Sun and Moon Festival, East Sussex
  • 30th July - 5th August. Timetable here.
  • Book through Sun and Moon