Testimonials from Private Clients

"Lucy has a relaxed and approachable style to her teaching and has helped me in my recovery from a shoulder injury, helping me to regain strength and flexibility." Sarah, London E3.

"My lessons with Lucy are centred around me, and what I want to achieve that week. This not only makes the lesson more interesting; it is also more enjoyable. Lucy is very positive which encourages me to go that little bit further in my stretch." Jan, London E3.

"Lucy taught me yoga 1:1 after I’d had a car accident. She was great to work with, adapting everything to my needs, and practising yoga with her helped my recovery enormously. She was very easygoing and even included my 7 year old in a session one week. I’m actually in better shape now than I was before the accident!” Keziah, London E3

. . . from Public Classes

"I really love your classes! See you next week!" Rebecca, London E8.

"Ahh. That was just what the doctor ordered. My back feels so much better, after just one class!" Dave, London E8.

"You are very good at sensing the energy in the room and responding to what people need.” Shah, London E8

"That was THE BEST Nurturing Flow class I've ever been to. The perfect mix of deep stretches and relaxation." Rebecca, London SW2."

"You have a lovely way with words. Let me know when you are teaching here again. I thoroughly enjoyed it." Siobhan Power, Founder of Children's Tree Yoga.

"It’s like you’re reciting poetry when you teach.” Harry, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Artist.

"She was super helpful. The flow was great and the help with postures was really good too." – How would you rate today's class? "Everything was perfect!" Hotpod Secret Shopper 124.

"I felt welcomed. She seemed super attentive to new clients making them really comfortable... super attentive to everyone and kept a close eye on everyone's style, which was great." Hotpod Secret Shopper 101.

"You have a lovely tone.” Xaks, Yoga Instructor and International Studio Owner.

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